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Shandong Province Binzhou Huanghe rubber hose factory is a overall strength strong trusted dredger dredging pipeline project supporting enterprises, is a member of China Water Conservancy Dredging Association, China Chamber of Commerce Member ". Our factory is located in the famous Chinese art of war home grandson hometown Binzhou Huimin, factory from 220 State Road 200 meters, 50 km away from Jinan International Airport, 80 kilometers away from Jinan, 300 kilometers away from Tianjin, Qingdao, traffic convenience. Our factory is the earliest specializes in dredging pipeline supporting engineering enterprises, with the largest diameter 1100mm dredge suction and discharge capacity of production and production of various types of dredging special steel floating body of mud hose. Rubber hose production line using advanced technology in Italy, floating body production using the core technology of the United States, is the most advanced production equipment. The floating body shell is made of polyethylene resin (LLDPE) as the main raw material, which is produced by the production of anti corrosion and aging materials. Product features: a molding without seam, fully enclosed, corrosion resistance, anti-aging, anti impact ability; internal filling material is a polyurethane foaming, molding, not easily broken; products are mainly used in ocean, lake, dredging pipeline. I can plant according to the rotational molding workshop of plastic products of various shapes and customized customer specifications. The products are widely used in the major focus of the dredging project, such as: Caofeidian, Tianjin port and other national key dredging project. Exports to countries, Korea, Nigeria, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Venezuela, the United Kingdom, with import and export quality, please friends and colleagues to our factory! Address: Shandong Binzhou Li Zhuang Industrial Park Tel: 0543-5831202 13805437527 Fax: 0543-5831328

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