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Where is the comparative advantage of medium density polyethylene floating body and traditional floa

Comparison between medium density polyethylene floating body and traditional floating body

Compared with traditional floating bodies offer to your half, due to pass with a floating body of the time because of the shell by anti extrusion of high strength, patience excellent medium density polyethylene raw material, supplemented by anti corrosion and anti - aging data, after molding rotational molding, filled with high strength polyurethane foam plastics foaming processing to produce the goods, plastic shell filled with high strength and high buoyancy of polyurethane foam materials, resin is added in the anti ultraviolet material, rich meet the patience, hardness, can undergo the change of natural environment and the cold invasion, does not pollute the water quality and the buoy forming a seamless; commodity buoyancy big, even damaged shell also does not affect the use. Reasonable structure, excellent performance, as the water discharge pipeline of the floating buoy data into the traditional steel instead of goods. This product warranty period of one year, one year free maintenance.

Commodity characteristics: with outstanding resistance to weathering and defeats the bad impact, able to withstand shock waves, frozen, boat bumps caused by damage, is not affected by the erosion of oil, chemical agent; selection of cylinder surface is netted design, anti-skid, safe and stable, strong quadrilateral shape high density support force, per square meters can load 350kg. In - 60C to less than or equal to 80C temperatures can work normally, simple installation, flexible, fast, no consumption of manpower, shorten the construction time, with cost saving.


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