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Polyethylene float - mooring buoy.

Polyethylene floating body shell is to tolerance excellent linear density polyethylene resin as raw material, supplemented by corrosion, anti-aging etc. data, after molding rotational molding, filled with high strength polyurethane foam processing production of products, reasonable structure and excellent performance. As a row of water mud pipe float data become alternatives to the traditional steel buoy, resin is added in the anti ultraviolet material, rich enough patience, hardness, can withstand natural environmental change and cold invasion, no pollution, and can recover the regeneration of the used, the float a molding seamless.

Polyethylene floating body by 746c level UL-94HB flame test show that has outstanding anti weathering and impact damage and can withstand shock waves, frozen, ship collision caused damage and is not affected by the erosion of oil, chemical agent; selection of plastic pipeline floating body appearance is netted design, anti-skid, safety and soundness, quadrilateral shape density high count supporting force strong, per square meters to 350 kg load. In the - 60C to less than or equal to 80C temperatures can work normally, installation simple, sensitive, fast, no consumption of manpower, shorten the construction time, cost savings at the same time, configuration of all kinds of modeling.

A mooring buoy manufacturing process

Polyethylene float production process, is a floating on water products; plastic floating body shell selection of high density polyethylene material, filler used polystyrene foam; through the foaming body is arranged on the inlet and exhaust pipe steam heating so that the filling material is formed through. Made of poly (styrene beads, pre foamed particle ripening, feeding into plastic shell, into the foaming mould, installation into the exhaust pipe, through steam heating and molding, cooling and shaping process for plastic pipeline floating body products. Plastic pipeline floating body internal filling material selection of polystyrene foam plastics, the cost of the product greatly decreased, the water absorption of the filling material was significantly reduced, the floating force was significantly improved.

Two, the characteristics of the mooring buoy

1, the floating body with high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE Composite material density HDPE) new environmental protection material production, which also added anti ultraviolet material, rich enough patience, hardness, can withstand natural environment change and cold invasion, light weight, large buoyancy, acid and alkali resistance, zero maintenance, long service life, sensitive combination transformation bright colors, beautiful, corrosion resistance, antifreeze, anti UV aging and erosion of sea water, chemicals, chemicals, oil and water creatures, no pollution, no damage to the environment, forming a whole plastic pipe floating bodies without seam, no leakage, no water problems, and can recover the regeneration. The product has been widely used at home and abroad.

Nonskid design using 2, mooring buoy in the upper part of the appearance, stable and safe, four corners all arc obtuse angle shape, avoid general cement, wood, iron facilities are often dangerous, for example: slip, broken sawdust, rusty nail stabbed. As the water on the mud pipeline floating materials become the preferred products of the lost sand row of customers.

3, the mooring buoy shock wave resistance, compact and reasonable structure, simple installation, excellent performance, products with high bearing capacity, cylinder body smooth, durable, the product by 746c level UL-94HB flame test shows, has outstanding anti weathering and impact damage, in - 60C to less than or equal to 80C temperature to normal operation. The price is better than steel pontoon.

Three, the advantages of the mooring buoy

A, the mooring buoy light weight, large buoyancy

B, anti impact, acid and alkali corrosion

C, the buoy absorption rate is low

The mooring buoy D, simple construction, low maintenance cost

E, temperature range of -60-80

Four, the function of the mooring buoy

A, to ensure that the transmission pipeline floating on the water

B, orange red color can be used as a warning sign to prevent the impact pipeline

C, the mooring buoy convenient transportation pipeline inspection and maintenance

D, the mooring buoy to shorten the construction period, reduce cost, reduce maintenance costs

Five, the characteristics of the mooring buoy

1, the anti shock wave resistance, compact and reasonable structure, simple installation, excellent performance, as a row of water mud pipeline floating materials have become today's conveying and draining sediment customers preferred products.

2, the mooring buoy with good tolerance, resistance to environmental stress cracking resistance, suitable for construction of sea and lake.

3, light weight, strong wear resistance, easy to install and handling, transfer and transfer costs low.

4, strong corrosion resistance, weather resistance, long service life, is 3 times the life of steel pontoon.

5, the mooring buoy is rapid, sensitive and simple assembly, modelling diversity.

6, the price is low, the price is obviously better than that of steel pontoon.

7, the mooring buoy due to stable quality, novel style, reasonable price, excellent service, welcomed by users.

Polyethylene floating body and mooring buoy project examples

Busan ocean reconstruction project

State Flood Control and Drought Relief Project

Caofeidian port reclamation

Tianjin Binhai Development Zone Port reclamation

Dredging site in Weifang, Shandong

Hainan Province, Haikou beautiful sea port Jiang new port Island dredging site

Dredging site in Zhuhai, Guangzhou

Dandong Liaoning Waterway Engineering Bureau Donggang site

Dawa County of Liaoning Panjin Economic Development Zone

Dredging site in Changxing Island, Dalian

Dredging site in Qidong, Jiangsu

Maldives reclamation site

Site of Yangpu Shanghai port

Binzhou port dredging site

Qingdao port dredging site

Dredging site of the Yellow River Engineering Department, Shandong Province

Heze Baichuan engineering in Shandong Province

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