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[polyethylene floating body] water dredging operations with this what is good?

Polyethylene float professional sand float

Polyethylene pipeline floating body shell is to float linear density polyethylene material toughness outstanding as raw material. Materials with corrosion resistance, anti aging material collocation, after molding rotational molding, filled with high strength polyurethane foam processing of products, reasonable structure, superior performance, as a row of water mud pipe sand draining pipe floating materials of new products, and addition of anti ultraviolet material resin material, with sufficient hardness and toughness, long service life, can withstand the changes in the natural environment and low invasiveness, no pollution, recycling use is conduit dredge industry preferred one of the products.

Polyethylene float, float sand pumping professional production technology

Water warning float production technology, is a kind of floating on water products; plastic floating body shell selection of high density polyethylene material, filler used polystyrene foam; foaming body is arranged on the inlet and exhaust pipe steam heating so that the filling material is formed through the passes through. Can be made of polystyrene beads, pre foamed particle ripening, feeding into the plastic shell, into the foaming mould, installation into the exhaust pipe, steam heating and molding, cooling and shaping technology for plastic pipeline floating body products. In the plastic pipeline, the inner filling material of the floating body is made of polystyrene foam plastics, the cost of the product is greatly reduced, the water absorption of the filling material is significantly reduced, and the floating force is significantly improved.

Polyethylene floating body has the following advantages:

The advantages of professional float sand

A, light weight, large buoyancy

B, anti impact, acid and alkali corrosion

C, low absorption rate

D, construction is simple, low maintenance costs

E, temperature range of -60-80

Pumping sand professional float function

A, to ensure that the transmission pipeline floating on the water

B, orange red color can be used as a warning color, to prevent the impact pipeline

C, convenient transportation pipeline inspection and maintenance

D, shorten the construction period, reduce cost, reduce maintenance costs

Pumping sand float professional characteristics

Plastic pipe floating body with high molecular weight high density synthetic material HDPE (polyethylene) production of new environmentally friendly materials, which also added anti ultraviolet material, with sufficient strength and toughness, low temperature and the change of natural environment can withstand the long time, light weight, floating force, acid and alkali resistance, zero maintenance, combined transformation sensitive long life, bright color, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, antifreeze, anti UV aging resistance, no corrosion of water, chemicals, chemicals, oil and water creatures, no pollution, no damage to the environment, forming a whole plastic pipe floating body, there is no problem of water seepage, water storage, and Recyclable regeneration. This product has been widely used at home and abroad.


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