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Reasons for the widespread use of density polyethylene floating bodies in the the Yellow River rubbe

Characteristics of density polyethylene floating body in the Yellow River rubber hose:

1, floating body with high density synthetic material, strong weather resistance, long service life, corrosion resistance is three times the life time of the steel buoy, corrosion resistance, antifreeze, anti oxidant, anti purple line of the reinforcing material, the erosion of sea water, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, oil stains and aquatic; no pollution, without destroying the environment.

2, pontoons, good toughness, anti environment should stress cracking resistance, suitable for the construction of sea and lake; nonskid planning with the upper part of the body surface, stable and safe; four corners all arc obtuse angle shape, avoid general cement, wood, iron facilities that are common to the risk.

3, high bearing capacity, light weight, strong wear resistance, easy installation and handling, transport and transfer of low cost, stable, durable, and every square metre of buoyancy can reach more than 350kg.

4, the service life of the product in more than 15 years, in addition to the strong natural force and man-made improper use, do not need to spend any maintenance, maintenance costs.

5, the assembly is simple, rapid, flexible, and various shapes.

6, the price is low, the price is obviously better than that of steel pontoon. Reasonable cost, economic, can save the protection, maintenance, replacement, maintenance costs and time.

7, due to stable quality, novel appearance, reasonable prices, excellent service and so on, by the user's welcome.

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