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Performance and function of polyethylene floating body in the Yellow River Binzhou rubber hose



Characteristics of polyethylene floating body of the Yellow River rubber hose:

1, the floating body resistance to seawater shock wave resistance ability strong, compact and reasonable structure, simple installation, excellent performance, a row of water slurry as a lost sand pipeline floating material become a modern transport sediment user required products.

2, toughness, strong resistance to cracking, suitable for the construction of the lake and the sea.

3, light weight, strong wear resistance, easy installation and handling, transport and transfer of low cost.

4, strong corrosion resistance, weather resistance, long service life, is 3 times the life of steel pontoon.

5, the assembly is simple, rapid, flexible, diverse shapes.

6, the price is low, the price is obviously better than that of steel pontoon.

7, due to stable quality, innovative design, reasonable price, excellent service and so on, by the user's welcome.

Two, the Yellow River rubber hose floating body performance:

A, light weight, large buoyancy

B, anti impact, acid and alkali corrosion

C, low absorption rate

D, construction is simple and clear, low maintenance costs

E, temperature range of -60-80

Three, the use of the Yellow River rubber hose floating body:

Mainly used in marine, Saline Lake, fisheries, aquaculture, underwater oil, dredging pipeline laying.

Four, the Yellow River rubber hose floating body function:

A, to ensure that the water surface floating transportation pipeline.

B, orange appearance color can be used as a warning logo, to prevent the ship collision pipeline.

C, water floating and convenient transportation pipeline inspection and maintenance.

D, reduce construction time, reduce costs, reduce maintenance costs.

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