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Application Prospect of Yellow Rubber Hose Factory Analysis

Shandong Binzhou Yellow Rubber Hose Factory, is the industry's well-known dredging pipeline, row suction sand rubber tube manufacturers, it said that China's hose industry R & D and manufacturing level has made great progress, production has entered a semi-automatic level, Shandong Binzhou Yellow Rubber Hose Factory  represents the industry The level of development.

At present, China's drainage sand rubber tube product market supply can account for more than 80% of the world, the product technology and quality to meet the needs of advanced large dredger dredging. Yellow River Hose newly developed drainage sand rubber tube, large diameter rubber tube and other new R & D production of some hose products to meet the technical performance of harsh environments and high-power dredging ship's special functional requirements, therefore, China's hose products in the world's export ratio is also increasing fast.



In order to meet the more complex requirements, the oil industry in the 21st century China's offshore oil development strategy proposed to focus on the development of offshore and shallow sea oil fields, shallow sea submarine oil pipeline has been produced in China, but floating or semi-floating oil pipeline and deep sea Oil tubing is still dependent on imports. With the implementation of China's offshore oil development strategy, offshore oil exploration on the performance requirements of the tubing will continue to increase. Row suction sand rubber tube so the development prospects are very broad. Climbing pipe in the bending work can keep the inner wall of the smooth; bow blowing hose through the connection between the rake suction pipe and the pipeline between the flexible hose, cone floating and enhanced floating hose, to ensure that the pipeline in any flexion of the bow ; Suction suction hose in the application of a wide range, both on board or on the pipeline, can use its elasticity and steel skeleton structure to meet the delivery pressure and flexibility; since the floating hose in recent years dredging hose in the new products It can float on the surface of the water, natural smooth in the sea, the laying of its pipeline stability and resistance to wind and waves better than the ordinary row of mud hose, also known as suction sand rubber tube, can withstand the steel tube can not afford a strong pull.

Shandong Binzhou Yellow Rubber Hose Factory that the number of water conservancy projects in the number one document put the water on the bill and passed, invested 10,000 million yuan to do the reform, which in the water transport process, especially in the case of negative pressure, the skeleton of high pressure rubber tube To show their own advantages, long life, easy to carry. High pressure dredging rubber tube, large diameter drainage sand rubber tube, dredging rubber tube, row of sand suction rubber tube will also be useful.

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